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Leading Change

When an organisation is faced with change it’s vital that there are internal champions – change leaders – at the head of the process. Bringing in external consultants to manage change on behalf of your organisation will never be as successful long-term as your own business leaders owning and implementing that change.

While change can be nerve-wracking, when championed and guided from within, the implementation, acceptance and, ultimately, success of organisational change is significantly increased by these internal champions.

ASK work as a partner through this process. Our consultants don’t implement change on your behalf – instead, we are here to support and enable the development of your own Change Leaders, who manage the process of significant structural, cultural and behavioural change.

Objectives for your Change Leaders include;

  • Understanding the strategic impact
  • Ensuring alignment with organisational design, structures, systems and processes
  • Committing to the development of emotionally intelligent responses to people issues
  • Meeting their challenges and opportunities in embedding change
  • Taking responsibility for engaging their people to make change happen
  • Identifying how best to support implementation and roll-out
  • Agreeing on follow-through activity

With an output-focussed approach we utilise models such as Kotter, Bridges and the cultural web, but concentrate on bringing those models to life within your leadership and management structure, applying them to local and organisational requirements, enabling your leaders to achieve a greater understanding of their own strengths and development needs.

Embedding these models into ‘live’ cases allows for your business leaders to contextualise the theory and practice in their daily reality – allowing for deeper and more impactful understanding and application of the learning, which demonstrates the success of the modelled changes to the population of the organisation – leading change throughout.

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