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Coaching for Women

Women in Leadership has been the focus of many debates, and the source of much individual and organisational frustration. Research shows that, for most women, their experience is less ‘linear career path’ and more ‘navigating a professional labyrinth’.

Coaching is one specific development intervention that is proven to help women learn how to navigate their way through this labyrinth, as well as learning how to be more pro-active in developing their career themselves. Working with many women entering leadership positions, the expert coaching team at ASK have created a tailored development programme which pinpoints their key strengths, the context, environment and climate within which they are working, and how to challenge the stereotypes of what makes a great leader.

Career Transition Coaching from ASK

As well as taking into account an individual’s coaching requirements, our coaching for women can also be grounded into two specific research studies – one which demonstrates that women’s needs vary at five identifiable career (and life) stages, and a second which identifies specific strategies which can be used to help women develop their potential in a holistic, demonstrably effective and sustained manner.

As with all of our developmental programmes, Coaching for Women in Leadership is a tailored approach which combines our extensive direct experience with the latest research and findings, and ASK’s expert coaches will work with you to create a specific programme meeting your exact needs, matching you with the right coach from our pool of highly experienced and qualified coaches.

Coaching for Women

Our tailored approach to a very current subject, combining our extensive direct experience with the latest findings from research. We develop a specific programme for each client, matching them with a coach from our pool of highly experienced and qualified coaches. Download this brochure to find out more.

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