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Management & Leadership Development


The Organisation

The world’s second largest pharmaceutical company with a wide product portfolio, our client employs c. 100,000 people globally. The company was formed in 2000 by the merger of two major companies, each of which had in turn been formed by previous mergers.

The Project Context

The company wanted to ensure continual growth and success, and knew that maximising organisational management and leadership capability would be critical. Specifically, it required leaders who could lead through change and have an impact across the globe where team members are located in different countries.

The Requirement

ASK was asked to become part of a core curriculum to develop managers and leaders in promoting the organisational strategies and high performance behaviours through programmes that would enable the company to continually improve effectiveness, impact and productivity across all functional divisions.

It was imperative that managers could achieve the best from their teams through support, motivation, development and empowerment. Leaders therefore needed to enhance their skills, develop behaviours with a positive impact, and enhance their capability to lead in complex environments with matrix, virtual, and network team structures.

Each programme needed to focus on employees’ various and distinct workplace challenges, addressing a highly intellectual audience while having a significant practical and experiential element so participants could practise and receive feedback on their developing leadership skills.

Our Solution

Our programmes were designed to raise participants’ awareness, inspire a willingness to develop, and provide a forum to achieve their learning goals – ultimately delivering the goals of the organisation.

The programme phases comprised:

  • Phase One: pre-workshop preparation, including guided self reflection and online diagnostics (MBTI®, FIRO-B® and programme-specific 360 degree feedback surveys)
  • Phase Two: a development workshop combining reflection, discussion, analysis, practice, feedback and coaching – from both peers and facilitators
  • Phase Three: follow-through activity using technology and coaching to reinforce, record and maintain new behaviours and develop key skills

Evaluation and Results

Our follow-through technology enables us to continually support and track participants’ progress against their development goals beyond workshop attendance, allowing our clients to assess business impact. Participants rated themselves as ‘more effective’ as a result of the programme, with 70% indicating that they had made ‘significant progress’ on their goals 12 weeks after the programme.

Delegate Quotes

“Becoming aware of my attitudes (strengths and weaknesses) and the follow-up of the training obliges us to act after the seminar; obliges us to put in practice what was learned.”

“I found the pre-work and the course itself very helpful as a tool to identify the areas in my work life that I needed to improve. The coaching has been very helpful – both for the content of the 1:1 sessions, but also to highlight just how coaching is meant to be performed […] I have certainly made more changes following this course than from many others.”

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