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Talent Management


The Organisation

Our client is the world’s oldest communications company with over 170,000 employees’ world-wide. While they are proud of their heritage, they recognised that to remain successful they would need to exploit their technology to underpin their business, generate revenues, and minimise costs. To achieve this, they also realised they would need to continue to develop their people.

The Project Context

The company understands how the world is changing – for them, their customers and individuals – and that they need to out-perform competitors in delivering exceptional cross functional and international customer service in a complex, rapidly-changing environment.

To address these challenges, the company re-launched its talent management programme, Talent Academy, with the objectives of:

  • Accelerating talent pool leaders’ capability to be customer-connected and inspiring – and to be able to coach for performance
  • Creating a pipeline of highly skilled leaders who are able to coach for performance across multi-national virtual teams and ready to be deployed internationally
  • Creating opportunities for Talent Academy participants to reflect on – and understand how to actively progress in – their careers across both functions and national borders

The Requirement

The company identified a need for a five-day staff development programme as part of their six month development journey, and appointed ASK as a niche supplier for this key component of their talent management initiative.

Our Solution

ASK’s 20-week programme addressed leadership styles, management skills and personal development, and included a five-day residential event.
Before the event, participants completed two psychometric questionnaires and an on-line 360 degree feedback tool. They also discussed their individual programme objectives with their line manager and confirmed key organisational objectives for which they were responsible or involved, as these provided a focus for their leadership development activity.

The residential event included a unique leadership simulation exercise, 1:1 coaching and counselling, and integrates close behavioural observation with the results of psychometric questionnaires and in-depth peer feedback. Participants gained a detailed understanding of their leadership strengths and development needs, and the impact of their leadership style on others. They also left with a clear personal action and development plan that detailed the behavioural changes that would transform their ability to achieve testing business objectives.

Evaluation and Results

Our unique follow-through technology supported participants for a 13-week post-event period as they implemented their personal development plans. It also enabled our clients to track participants’ progress against their development goals and assessed the impact of the programmes on the business.

Participants’ self-evaluations were highly positive: 98% rated their change in effectiveness as a result of the programme and their subsequent efforts as ‘more/much more effective’, while 60% deemed the business impact of their achievements and improvements to be ‘significant or very significant’.

Delegate Quotes

“Having attended other leadership development courses previously I can safely say that this was the best one I have attended and I hope to have the opportunity to attend another programme in future.”

“I learnt more about myself last week than I thought was possible in such a short period of time and yet that learning will be invaluable in helping to shape my future career choices and development.”

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