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Board Coaching

We have a pool of highly experienced, skilled coaches who draw on their commercial and specialised knowledge to deliver high impact board coaching for individuals and teams. Our approach to coaching senior leaders often requires a flexible approach which allows those individuals and teams to capitalise on their strengths, hone their skills safely, and develop and grow without judgement.

Before we begin the process of coaching a senior team, we ask:

  • Are they a team or a group? Do they need to be a team?
  • Are they all agreed on a common strategy?
  • While they may be individually strong as functional leaders, can the work together effectively to make the strategy happen?

One-to-one sessions often precede the team coaching sessions. This allows the individual to work with the coach to clarify specific needs, interpersonal needs, the style of the team and their shared goals. This allows each member of the team the space and freedom to focus on business strategy and on their individual strengths.

Working as a group allows for a focus on behaviour, impact and performance, with an overall goal of improved productivity – and how they best support their individual strengths as a group, bringing them together to lead in a unified way.

Board coaching

Our tailored approach to a very current subject, combining our extensive direct experience with the latest findings from research. We develop a specific programme for each client, matching them with a coach from our pool of highly experienced and qualified coaches. Download this brochure to find out more.

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