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Training has to meet the hopes of both organisation and learner. Focused by necessity on the broader, strategic needs of the organisation, training becomes a standardised event: yet learning remains personal and is fully embraced only when its value is understood from the learner’s perspective.

To gain meaningful personal development, learners need help to extract it from the learning they receive. But by this point in most learning programmes, the training is finished and workplace support now depends on managers who are already over-stretched. Participants’ newly acquired skills need encouragement and deliberate practice, and to be understood in their day-to-day context if they are to deliver on the promise of the training, yet all too often these potential improvements are lost.

But there is an answer.

Our Personal Development Mentors (PDMs) work with mentees in a series of confidential sessions where learners can discuss work matters that they may feel unable to discuss with their line managers. PDMs work to identify individual areas for improvement and development, discussing tools, techniques and examples that mentees can use. By staying in touch with individual learners once their training is over, PDMs can help them make their learning personal, meaningful, effective and sustained, supporting them in many different ways:

  • identifying personal development priorities
  • preparing for formal and informal learning events
  • identifying learning opportunities
  • helping them to apply new capabilities
  • providing feedback
  • organising workplace learning experiences
  • identifying new capabilities and their potential impact
  • monitoring performance impact
  • setting personal goals to drive motivation and productivity
  • future development planning

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