Feedback can be defined as information about performance or behaviour that reinforces or redirects performance to achieve a desired result. For us, it is primarily about raising the self-awareness – of individual strengths and development needs, of external perceptions of actions and behaviours, and of impact on others – that forms a key foundation of skilful and effective leadership and management.

All of our programmes provide their participants with rich feedback, from the use of a range of psychometric assessment and diagnostic tools, from 360 degree feedback questionnaires, from colleagues and peers, from the use of video and close observations during workshops and business simulations, and from our skilled and experienced coaches and facilitators.

However it is derived or delivered, this rich feedback shares the common purpose of helping participants to increase their understanding of:

  • their preferred leadership or management style
  • their natural style of influencing
  • what motivates them and the impact they may have
  • how to develop more productive relationships and plan better ways of working with others.

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