In line with our commitment to producing measurable improvement in management and leadership effectiveness, we will be pleased to work with you to develop an evaluation strategy that will yield the evidence you need to make a valid assessment of our projects. We offer a full-service evaluation capability from Level 1 to level 4.


We will routinely seek participant feedback and measure their satisfaction with the learning experience. Our standard self-assessment questionnaire captures participants’ satisfaction with their preparation, programme content, tutors/facilitators, venue and readiness to transfer new capabilities to the workplace. Alternatively, we will be happy to work with your documentation or develop a customised instrument to meet your specific needs.


We recognise the importance of learning as a mediating activity in behaviour change and offer appropriate evaluation of both our facilitator-led and digital learning solutions.


Management and leadership are activities rich in learnable interpersonal skills. But unless those skills are measured before and after training, the impact of that training on managerial effectiveness can’t be assessed. We deploy our 360IT evaluation tool before and not less than 9 months after training to enable us to provide a ‘hard’ measure of any shift in behaviour as perceived by the audience that really matters for managers and leaders – their colleagues!


When trying to calculate the effectiveness or impact of training on organisational performance, it’s usually argued that there are too many factors that influence the performance of an organisation – the economy, climate and current affairs to name a few – that are untouched by training, no matter how good it is. However, we are pleased to provide a cost-effective and reliable analysis of impact based on the ground-breaking research of Robert D. Pritchard, Professor Emeritus at the University of Central Florida, that will provide a month-by-month assessment of the impact of your management or leadership training.

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