Alcoholics, substance abusers and cigarette smokers understand how hard it is to change their behaviour. Driven by habit and chemical addiction, their journey to new and better ways of being, is arduous and frequently unsuccessful. Without external support, only 4% succeed. It may seem a little controversial to equate the circumstances of those wrestling with addiction to the task of helping managers and leaders adopt more effective behaviours, but the challenge is broadly the same.

We know that learning is easy but changing behaviour is tough. We understand that change takes time and requires sustained support. But we also understand the demands of today’s frenetic workplace and the harsh realities of highly competitive globalised markets. For these reasons, our consultants champion a blended ’70:20:10’ approach to management and leadership development that combines facilitator-led and digital learning, with informal workplace-based experiences such as job swaps and secondments and rigorous learning transfer.

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