Facilitated Learning

The traditional trainer has been reinvented as an all-round learning facilitator, equally comfortable in the classroom and online. Soon we can expect Big Data to deliver highly targeted learning through a variety of mobile platforms that meet the specific needs of every individual. But for the foreseeable future, motivation, feedback, mentoring and coaching will remain the domain of line managers and the new generation of learning facilitators.


Feedback plays a vital role in management and leadership development. Managed by skilful facilitators, feedback can identify development priorities and provide irrefutable evidence of the need for change. For over 20 years we have been using ‘rich’ feedback – a blend of psychometric, 360 degree, video, peer and observer feedback – to raise awareness of strengths and areas for improvement, and to motivate learners for the long and frequently arduous change journey.


Our consultants are accredited in a wide range of psychometric instruments that enable us to identify the predispositions that shape managers’ attitudes and behaviour. In line with British Psychological Society (BPS) best practice guidelines, we use only individuals specifically licensed or accredited to administer the psychometric instruments that we deploy, which include:

  • MBTI® Steps I and II
  • Team Management Profile (TMSDI®)
  • 16PF® personality questionnaire
  • 15FQ+® personality questionnaire
  • SDi®
  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI™)
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS™)
  • Hogan Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI™)
  • FIRO-B®and FIRO® Elements B, F and S
  • EQi® 2.0
  • Belbin® Team Roles
  • LPI® – Leadership Practices Inventory
  • California Psychological Inventory (CPI)™

360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback can provide the essential evidence that spotlights development priorities and triggers the motivation to change behaviour. As well as using our clients’ existing questionnaires, we can provide a complete 360 degree feedback service, covering questionnaire design, trend analysis, reporting and facilitated feedback. Our services include:

  • Consultancy: carrying out needs analysis, defining objectives and linking 360° feedback to other initiatives
  • Questionnaire design: our 360 degree feedback questionnaires can be built around your own competency framework and values, or constructed from our library of questionnaire items
  • Quality-assured processes: our online questionnaires are supported by a Help Desk and rigorous security procedures to protect confidential data
  • Feedback: our experienced coaches and facilitators ensure that supportive feedback is delivered sensitively. Alternatively, we offer training and accreditation in feedback delivery for your own staff
  • Analysis and reporting: we can analyse and present captured data at individual, team or organisational levels for your training needs or learning needs analysis.

Video Feedback

Video feedback has been a key element of our management and leadership development simulations and interpersonal skills training for over 20 years and though the recording technology has changed massively in that time, its capacity to drive behavioural change remains undiminished. Used in conjunction with psychometric and 360 degree feedback, video can provide the final piece in the self-awareness jigsaw, generating those ‘Ah ha!’ moments that so often lead to great things.

Business Simulations

Our business simulations provide stimulating and stretching development experiences in a safe environment within which areas for personal development can be addressed openly. Our most popular simulations include:

  • LEPP 2016: a day in the life of a successful business that is battling with all the normal operational issues, but which is sleepwalking into an uncertain future because its managers cannot see the bigger picture
  • tASK: a gamified management simulation that is customised to the needs of each client. tASK is designed to help participants generate new ideas and solutions to the problems of their own organisation while simultaneously providing an intense personal development experience
  • ExperienceChange: condensing a year-long change journey of a fictional organisation into a few hours, ExperienceChange replicates the challenges of real world change and provides immediate feedback on decisions – good and bad
  • 2020 Vision: brings some of the eternal challenges of leadership face-to-face with 21st century realities to produce a far-reaching developmental experience that helps leaders develop a future-focus, widen their horizons, work more effectively with cultural differences, and articulate an ethical dimension.
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