Digital Learning

Crossknowledge-logoASK is proud to be an official partner of CrossKnowledge, global leader in digital learning solutions. CrossKnowledge has one of the most prestigious faculties in the world and a library of over 27,000 learning assets for mobile and enterprise learning in 21 languages.

Together, ASK and CrossKnowledge bring together the best of feedback-based and digital learning to create world-class blended management and leadership development solutions.


The idea behind CrossKnowledge Videocasts is simple: film internationally renowned experts and business leaders talking about the most important lessons that they learned in their careers. Videocasts will inspire and motivate managers of all seniorities and are presented in a compact format to suit the needs of time-pressured executives.


Recognised as state-of-the-art products throughout the world, CrossKnowledge Sessions are short digital learning modules available in up to 17 languages targeting measurable skill acquisition in all fields of management, leadership and personal effectiveness. Sessions are the backbone of the CrossKnowledge Library and have received multiple awards for their innovative format and scope.


On-the-spot training for immediate efficiency-boost when dealing with situations, challenges or behavior needed in the workplace. The CrossKnowledge Essentials present the essentials of a technique or a management concept in just a few minutes, but retain all the effectiveness of a fully-fledged learning tool.

Action Tips

Giving people knowledge is only the first step in development: learning needs to impact behavior and generate action in order to be effective. CrossKnowledge Action Tips are designed to help your learners on the job and are dedicated to operational efficiency.


The ultimate goal of any development programme is not only to impart skills, but also to deliver measurable improvement in capability. CrossKnowledge Self Assessments are a powerful solution for evaluating the management and personal efficiency skills of company employees. They also allow the performance of the training course to be measured.

Online Moderation

No-one doubts the potential of digital learning to deliver new knowledge in a convenient and efficient manner. However, completion rates and learner satisfaction remain a challenge, and where behaviour change rather than learning is the desired outcome results can be worryingly poor. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Skilful online moderation by experienced facilitators throughout the digital learning ‘journey’ can produce results at least as good as those achieved in the classroom.

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