For us, consultancy is a process in which our expert advisors work your organisation to review your situation, identify problems, agree appropriate solutions and implement a learning and development plan that will improve business performance.

Our consultants work face-to-face with your senior managers and operational teams, either in groups or one-to-one, to build a true picture of your organisation. We explore your culture, behaviours, systems, communication and processes: all of these factors impact not only on current performance but on where you want to take your organisation in the future – and on the sustainability of the changes you are seeking to make.

No two situations are exactly the same and no universal model can be routinely applied. ASK can, however, provide a robust framework, working with you and helping to identify not just the presenting symptoms of performance but the changes in capabilities and behaviours that you actually need. Our ‘trusted advisor’ status is essential for success, allowing you an opportunity to be open regarding your needs and to share your real problems as well as their symptoms.

The support you receive from our consulting services may include the identification of practical recommendations, developmental or coaching interventions, provision of additional resources and implementation of development programmes or solutions – but we will always include recommendations for informal as well as formal learning, and for evaluation. Your challenges may be complex, but we keep our advice plain.

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