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Experiencepoint_PR_choicesChange is certain: creating buy-in isn’t. Organisations that accomplish change well are able to quickly align their people around new ways of doing things in response to opportunities or threats. Those that master this ability build resilience and an enduring competitive advantage.

An expert-guided change simulation that teaches a best practice model to manage change, ExperienceChange™ is the most widely used simulation on the world’s top executive programmes. It replicates the challenges of real world change and gives participants the rare opportunity to receive immediate feedback on their change decisions – both good and bad.

Participants work in a team to tackle a realistic change project from analysis to planning and implementation, condensing a year-long change journey into a few hours. A competitive gamification element ensures this energising experience reveals true individual change behaviours.

By participating, you will:

  • get hands on experience of implementing change and immediate feedback on your effectiveness
  • collaborate and learn with your peer team
  • share your experience of organisational change
  • learn about and apply a model for leading organisational change
  • have fun!

Our accredited ExperienceChange™ consultants can tailor its use to suit your individual and business needs. Whether you are looking for a simulation to insert into an existing change or leadership programme, to use before or after embarking on a change initiative, or as part of a strategic change or leadership event, we can provide the solution.

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