Business Simulations

Our business simulations strip away familiar props and routines to reveal true individual and team behaviours as a first step towards informing a desirable direction for change. Business simulations allow learners to test assumptions, examine behaviours and explore new approaches in the context of behaviour change, development or transition.

Our business simulations are based on our Engage, Learn, Transfer, Evaluate approach and combine detailed briefings and skills inputs with psychometric assessment, 360 degree feedback, coaching and small group facilitation. During the simulation, participants receive rich feedback and debriefings on their individual and group behaviours from our skilled facilitators.

Watching your behaviour on video in the heat of debate results in powerful learning.

  • tASK: customised to simulate an organisation’s issues, priorities and context, tASK challenges preconceptions, explores existing concerns and new opportunities, and develops new relevant and applicable skills
  • LEPP: designed to accelerate the development of middle and high potential managers, LEPP helps them better understand their strengths, identify areas for improvement and build their skills and self-confidence
  • ExperienceChange™: condensing a year-long change journey into a few hours, ExperienceChange™ is an expert-guided change simulation that teaches a best practice model to manage change and provides immediate feedback on decisions – good and bad
  • 20:20 Vision: 20:20 Vision brings some of leadership’s eternal challenges face to face with 21st century realities in a far-reaching developmental experience that helps leaders develop a future-focus, widen their horizons, work more effectively with cultural differences, and articulate an ethical dimension

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