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The Agile Leader

The Agile Leader is a suite of blended leadership development programmes from a powerful new collaboration between two acknowledged leaders in their respective fields, creating a 70:20:10 development programme that tackles head-on the challenges facing leaders in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

Coaching for Women in Leadership

Our tailored approach to a very current subject, combining our extensive direct experience with the latest findings from research. We develop a specific programme for each client, matching them with a coach from our pool of highly experienced and qualified coaches. Download this brochure to find out more.


Engage, Learn, Transfer, Evaluate

With evidence showing that 80% of L&D spend fails to change behaviour and improve performance, teaming up with us and improving learning
transfer will increase your ROI. Read more about the Engage, Learn, Transfer, Evaluate foundation that underpins all our programmes.



Condensing a realistic change project from a year-long journey into just a few hours, ExperienceChange™ is an energising team-based simulation experience with a competitive element to ensure it reveals true individual change behaviours.


Expert to Leader

For over 20 years, we have worked across industry to help intelligent, highly qualified technical experts embrace the challenge of leading and managing people. Our observations have enabled us to identify the changes in attitude, skills and behaviour – and in support – demanded by this shift of responsibilities.


ASK General Brochure

An overview of all our services – in Leadership Development, Management Development and Organisational Change – and of our Engage, Learn, Transfer, Evaluate approach to programme design and delivery.


Mergers & Acquisitions

M&As are booming, yet historically as many as 80% fail to deliver the expected returns – most frequently as cultural integration and people issues are not given sufficient attention. Our White Paper explores this problem and highlights the ways in which we can help organisations overcome these often overlooked obstacles.



VUCA is a 12-month 70:20:10 leadership development programme that combines formal and informal learning with a rigorous regime of engagement, learning transfer and evaluation to produce measurable and sustainable improvement in leadership performance.



For ASK, consulting is a process in which your organisation works with our expert advisors to review your situation, identify problems, agree appropriate solutions and implement a plan that will improve your business performance. Download the guide to read more about our approach.


Performance Management

Leading Performance (or performance management) has many pitfalls, not least in striking the balance between motivating and controlling and between form filling and delivering sustainable workplace productivity gains.


LEPP Business Simulation

The LEPP (Leading Edge Paper Products) simulation is a three day residential event designed specifically for organisational improvement, with pre-event preparation and subsequent follow-through to support learning transfer.


tASK Business Simulation

A flexible intervention that is ideal for a range of organisational situations, tASK is a facilitated team and individual management development simulation that is customised to reflect your organisation’s own unique context, priorities and issues.


Executive Coaching

ASK’s expert coaches work with you to explore your situation, review your behaviours, thoughts and ambitions, and enhance your performance. Delivered either one-to-one basis or to a team, coaching should be co-ordinated with line managers to ensure you receive any necessary support for your development in the workplace.


Personal Development Mentors

Turning costly management training into improved performance has never been easy. Until now. ASK place a Personal Development Mentor alongside your most talented people to accelerate their development: not by delivering more training, but by leveraging the training they are already receiving to make sure that it ‘sticks’.


White Paper: The Problem with Learning Transfer

There are many causes – and many approaches to minimising or overcoming them – but the ‘learning transfer problem’ is straightforward to define: most workplace training is simply not transferred. We explore why in our White Paper, and offer two solutions that can help.


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