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Want proof?

Whatever your industry, learning and development are part of the process, and every employee goes through a course training at some point which is intended to progress their career. For many, though, these training courses are a box to be ticked, and little thought goes into applying that knowledge beyond the day of the course. [...]

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How to get the best out of 360 Degree Feedback

To get the best out of a 360 degree feedback process, it’s important to understand its purpose and how it operates, and to prepare yourself for the feedback that you will receive. Picking observers One of 360 degree feedback’s main benefits is to show you fresh perspectives from a wide variety of sources. Before [...]

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What is 360 Degree Feedback?

In its broadest sense, feedback is information you get about yourself from experience, from other people – or from life. It might be your annual performance review, a long-term client renewing a contract, or your reception when you enter a room. It can be formal or informal, direct or implicit, and either blunt or so subtle that you’re not sure what it is. […]

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