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All change

The news this week is busy with opinions on the cabinet reshuffle, on the people stepping up, those stepping down, and those we expected to see step aside […]

Better you, better me.

Many workplaces play people off against each other, creating a culture of what they call ‘healthy competition’ – with rewards for meeting targets, pitting each member of the […]

Are you passionate about your people’s passions?

However big or small your organisation, the one thing that makes you successful is the people who work for you – and every one of them has […]

Why failure is your best tool on the path to success

Whatever we do in life, failure is usually high on our list of fears – but when it comes to success in business, failure is often one of […]

The tightrope of success for women in leadership

It’s difficult to open an article on women in leadership without thinking of the women in power we are shown in the media. Those in politics, the glamourous […]