About Us

ASK® designs, delivers and evaluates customised management and leadership development solutions that improve workplace performance. We combine formal and informal learning methodologies grounded in experiential and adult learning theory with a trans-theoretical approach to behavioural change and best practice in learning transfer to deliver sustained improvement in management productivity.

We offer a wide range of interventions that can be customised to meet your precise organisational needs:

  • Leadership Development – we help leaders to find their leadership style and develop their leadership skills, craft and know-how.
  • Management Developmentwe help managers to master the skills of working with people to deliver engagement, innovation, productivity and continuous improvement.
  • Organisational Change – we work with Change Agents at all levels to facilitate organisational change

Our individual and team development solutions are built on a common Engage, Learn and Transfer platform but are customised to meet our clients’ specific needs. They frequently feature:

  • ‘Rich’ (360°, psychometric, observation and peer) feedback
  • Paper and computer-based management simulations
  • ‘Soft’ skills development
  • Workplace-based Executive Coaching and Personal Development Mentoring
  • Facilitated Action Learning Sets
  • Tools, job aids and templates to facilitate learning transfer
  • Managed informal workplace learning through projects, assignments, secondments and volunteering.

To evidence the effectiveness of our solutions, we have developed a unique evaluation methodology based on the research of Robert Pritchard that measures the incremental gains in workplace productivity that arise as a consequence of improvements in management and leadership effectiveness.

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